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Fusarium Patch Disease

Fusarium Patch Disease is caused by the fungus Michrodochium Nivale, a naturally occurring turf fungi. The fungal spores exist within the body of virtually all turf at all times. When climatic conditions are suitable the spores can become active and Disease develops resulting in yellow-brown patches in the turf. Sometimes a white mould, similar to cotton-wool or cobwebs also appears in affected areas. 

Symptoms are usually seen in autumn through to early spring. It is caused by mild autumnal or winter weather. Lower light levels, lack of air movement and mists which are slow to clear will assist its development. 

Fusarium Patch Disease usually only kills the leaves of the grass plants and affected lawns will recover naturally through the course of the following growing season, therefore it is not usually necessary to treat with a fungicide.

Maintaining a healthy lawn through correct mowing and fertilisation will help your lawn resist the disease. Cutting back foliage to increase light levels and air flow will also help to minimise the occurrence of the disease. 

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