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How to apply soil improver

How to apply

Dig over the area in question. Spread a layer of Rolawn Soil Improver to the desired depth. Work the soil improver into the soil with a fork, taking care not to disturb the subsoil.

If working in a planted area, do not dig too close to the plants or their roots.

Always wear gloves when using this product and wash your hands after use.

When to apply

Rolawn Soil Improver can be applied at any time of year, but care must be taken to avoid compaction when the soil is wet, as it may damage the soil structure.

Typical application rates & coverage

Typical application rates for incorporation into topsoils which have low levels of organic matter content:

  • Heavy clay soil - a layer, 75mm deep should be incorporated to a depth of 200mm
  • Light sandy soil - a layer, 30mm deep should be incorporated to a depth of 200mm

Each bag of Rolawn Soil Improver covers:

  • up to 14m² at a depth of 75mm
  • up to 20m² at a depth of 50mm
  • up to 33m² at a depth of 30mm

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