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Fencing and Timber

We stock a wide range of fencing and timber products available for collection or delivery in the Bristol area.

Details of our product range are listed below. Please contact us for further details, advice on how to use them or for a competitive price.


Fence Panels

Larch Lap Panels   -  Sizes 6’x3’ / 6’x4’ / 6’x5’ / 6’x5’6” / 6’x6’

Close Board Panels -  Sizes 6’x3’ / 6’x4’ / 6’x5’ / 6’x5’6” / 6’x6’          

Continental Panels -  Clifton  sizes  1.2m x 1.8m / 1.8mx1.8m

Florence  sizes  1.2m x 1.8m / 1.8mx1.8m (image shown)

Madrid  1.2m x 1.8m / 1.8mx1.8m

Trellis Panels  -  Sizes 6’x3’ / 6’x4’ / 6’x5’ /  6’x6’

Fence Clips

Fence Panels

Fencing Timbers

Posts  (100mmx100mm & 75mmx75mm) lengths  1.8m  / 2.4m / 3m / 3.6m                       

Flat Rails   (88mmx78mm) lengths 2.4m / 3m / 3.6m

Gravel Boards (150mmx22mm) lengths 2.4m / 3m / 3.6m   

Feather Edge Boards (125mmx22mm) lengths  1.2m / 1.5m / 1.65m / 1.8m / 2.4m

Capping Rails  3.6m

Post Caps   100mmx100mm /  125mmx125mm        

Hit & Miss Timbers (100mmx22mm)  Lengths 2.4m / 3.6m

Sawn Timber   (100mmx 47mm) lengths  2.4m / 3m / 3.6m / 4.8m (75mmx47mm) Lengths 2.4m / 3m / 3.6m 50mmx50mm) lengths 2.4m

Gate Posts   (150mmx150mm) lengths 2.4m

Machined Timber – Full Round Posts 100mmx3.6m

Half Round Rails  100mx3.6m

fence timber


125mm x 32mm first grade decking boards available in 3m, 3.6m and 4.8m lengths.



Various sizes made to order


Met Posts

Bolt Down (4”x4”  &  3”x3”)

Drive In Spike (4”x4”  &  3”x3”)

Post Extender (4”x4”)

Rubber Drive-in Tool   (4”x4”)

Rubber Drive-in Tool   (3”x3”)


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