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Rolawn Turf & Seeding Topsoil

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A purpose made, sandy topsoil incorporating Rolawn GroRight® Lawn Establishment Fertiliser, for use under new turf or sowing grass seed. Bag size approx. 0.73m³ when packed.


Rolawn Turf & Lawn Seeding Topsoil is a sandy, free flowing friable topsoil with added GroRight® Lawn Establishment Fertiliser, specially formulated to encourage turf or grass seed to get off to the best possible start. It is also easy to work with and spread, even when wet and will provide a stable, level base for laying turf or sowing lawn seed.

Bag Size: approx. 0.73m³
Coverage: Up to 14.6m² at a depth of 50mm

  • A mix of topsoil, sand and soil conditioners
  • Screened to 20mm
  • Peat free
  • Analysed to BS3882:2015 as suitable for residential home grown use
  • Contains GroRight® Lawn Establishment Fertiliser
  • Free draining
  • Friable, even in wet conditions
  • Minimal stone content
  • Organic content typically 4%
  • Convenient bulk bags minimise waste and mess and are easy to store.

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