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Hallstone Turf

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Multi-purpose, excellent appearance & fast-rooting
Easy to lay & ideal for most landscaping projects


Hallstone Turf is ideal for the majority of general landscaping projects, including domestic garden lawns, parks and verges.

Grown using a high quality blend of seed which is sown, cultivated and harvested for Hallstone by sister company Rolawn. Hallstone Turf is hardwearing, attractive, easy to maintain and competitively priced.

  • Excellent value for money 
  • Lightweight, so easy to handle and lay
  • Fast rooting, making it very effective at establishing in its new location
  • Multi-purpose – can be used for any garden and landscaping projects 
  • Grown using high quality ryegrass/fescue cultivars giving fantastic appearance and performance
  • Easy to maintain throughout the year
  • Can be laid any time of year, except on to frozen ground
  • May contain Oxygrid™ degradable netting

Turf must be rolled out immediately upon receipt of your delivery in spring/summer and within 24 hours in autumn/winter to ensure that it does not overheat. 

Although every effort is made to minimise the occurrence, under certain circumstances some rolls may have a higher content of Annual Meadow Grass than others. It may become more evident in a lawn dependent on the seasons, onsite growing conditions and the maintenance employed.  

Turf roll size: approximately 1m² when harvested (610mm width x 1640mm length x 12.5mm height (24" x 64.5" x 0.5")

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